Blinders Removal Expert

11 apr 2017

Are YOU looking for someone to help MOTIVATE your team? Have you recently noticed a lack of SPARK in your employees? Have the people in your organization started to develop blinders narrowing their...

Optimal Weight: How I Lost those Last 20 Pounds

11 apr 2017

I FOUND IT Not The Holy Grail ... Not The Fountain of Youth … Not Buried Treasure … Not the Pot of Gold at the End of a Rainbow ... I found something better than all of these … a real gem...

11 apr 2017

Premium Business Cards by Vistaprint...

Plans for 2014

11 apr 2017

Hi. I just wanted to give you a brief update on our journey with Parkinson's. I will be taking the semester off from teaching law in the College of Business at the University of Louisville in order...

Hot Topics

11 apr 2017

JOHN BAUMANN’S “DECIDE SERIES” I. Parkinson’s Saved My Life: Really? … Really! Truly believing that everything happens “for the best” is a life philosophy that brings the higher...

Decide Success – Reclaiming Posi-spective

11 apr 2017

My mother had said to me hundreds of times, “Everything happens for the best..” Almost a year after I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, her favorite commentary changed. “Well, remember John,...

Thoughts on Unhealthy Behavior

11 apr 2017

Why do people hurt themselves. Whether it be drink to excess, abuse drugs, eat unhealthy food to excess, smoke, cheat on their committed partner, you name it. Seems to me it boils down to one or both...


“whatever hand life deals you, whatever life changing adversity you have to endure, you still have some control over it.” “You don’t have to just to live well,” he advises,” but live an Amazing Life.” The formula he proposes: Faith in yourself, discipline, determination, desire, intensity, and inner strength.


Yes, you touched every person at our conference, who will in turn change and impact so many others. The feedback from our participants was overwhelmingly positive. You are the only speaker to ever receive a standing ovation. Thank you for taking time to share, motivate and inspire. We are blessed to know you.


I will be honest. During the first 10 minutes of your presentation, I started reading work related material on my laptop. For surely, I had watched your You-Tube and seen your videos and knew what to expect. Surely, as a therapist I had studied this disease, the pathological components, the psychological components, the treatment alternatives……..Surely, I understand it.

Not so much. You caught my attention and I was enthralled. You were able to couple the impairments you experience with the emotions felt. You walked us through your life with the disease through “your eyes”. A perspective that a therapist/nurse rarely has the chance to hear. We get so busy telling patients how to deal with x, y and z, but our eyes are blurred by the science of it all most of the time.

You did it through truth, Through your humor, humility and determination to tell your story. One that most deservedly needs to be shared.

I will advocate to have you share your story. I appreciate your determination, diligence and dedication.